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The Challenges of Being a Mom to a Picky Eater

When Gladys and I recently met sa isang kiddie birthday party thrown by another mommy friend of ours, one of the topics that we talked about was the challenges we have as moms when it comes to giving our kids the proper nutrition they need. I shared with her the challenges I have as a mom to my eldest daughter, Yohan, na sobrang pihikan sa pagkain. Because I'm sure hindi ako ang nag-iisang mom that's facing this challenge, I'd like to also share with you what I do to make sure that my daughter gets the complete nutrition that her young body needs.

First, I make sure that whenever possible, we all eat together as a family: Ryan, me and Yohan. Family meal time is not only a great way for us to catch up on things that are happening in our lives but I also take this opportunity to introduce Yohan to different types of food in a casual manner. Ryan and I eat food that we know are good for Yohan while also explaining to her the reason why that particular dish is good for her. Sa ganitong way, mas madali to get our daughter interested to try new kinds of food para hindi lang puro hotdogs or noodles ang kinakain nya.

I also involve Yohan when it comes to the food that she eats. Tinatanong ko sya and pinapapili what she wants to eat. I also make sure that the options I give her are all healthy. Kapag preparation time na for the meals, I usually have two or three healthy food options na nakahain for Yohan to choose from. Sabi ng mga experts kasi this practice gives my child a sense of control, na meron siyang say sa kung ano ang gusto nyang kainin.

Another way that I involve my Yohan is kapag naggro-grocery shopping kami. I not only let my eldest help me out sa pag-prepare ng meals that we eat in the kitchen but even sa grocery store, I take that as another opportunity to teach her how to eat smart. When we walk down the grocery aisles, I talk to her about the different items that we see. I also discuss with her why certain types of food are good for her health.

There is a set meal and snack time schedule for Yohan too. This way, naco-condition ang kanyang mind and body when it's time to eat. I no longer have to worry about convincing her to eat kasi alam na niya when to expect meal time. Mahirap ang pinipilit ang batang kumain lalo na kung hindi sya gutom. I don't want to do that naman kay Yohan dahil I don't want her to have a negative impression on eating. My goal as her mom is to make sure that she develops a healthy relationship with food.

For my Yohan to be properly nourished, I also give her Lactum 6+ to drink. Sobrang happy talaga ako that I have Lactum 6+ milk as may katuwang in helping providing my kid 100% nourishment that she needs as a growing girl.

If you have picky eaters for kids, here's my tip: to successfully encourage a picky eater to have a better attitude when it comes to food, it takes a combination of patience and creativity, agree ba kayo mommies?

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