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Improving Child Nourishment Through Snacks

As a mom, making sure you provide complete nutrition for kids is a top priority. So papano ka magiging 100% panatag na ang kinakain ng iyong mga anak is still healthy even when they're in school? Prepare healthy snacks that they can eat during recess! Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Fresh fruit Para maging enticing for your kids to eat, consider having a variety of fruits like melon cut into chunks, pineapple wedges and whole strawberries. Importante ang fruits sa child nourishment. And in seeing their colorful baon alone, this will definitely get your kid interested in eating his baon. To make eating fruits more enjoyable for your kids, you can put fruits in rounded toothpicks that can be an instant fruit kebab! You can also mix several fruits together para maging fruit salad topped off with whipped cream.

2. Dried fruit Mommies, pag dried fruits na ang pinaguusapan at child nourishment, for sure ang naisip niyo agad raisins. But there are lots of other wonderful dried fruits out there that you can get your kids to try tulad ng mangos, plums, dried cranberries at marami pang tropical fruits. Since sweet tasting ang mga ito, these are best served in moderation but this baon idea is definitely a healthier alternative than processed sweets in order to complete the your child's nourishment.

3. Graham Crackers For the sweet toothed kids, eto pa ang isang healthier alternative to cookies: graham crackers. Masarap ito i-partner sa peanut butter spread or apple sauce dip.

4. Whole wheat crackers and toppings Subukan for toppings ang sliced cheese, cream cheese, peanut butter, egg salad, pepperoni, peanut butter and jelly o kaya naman tuna salad.

5. Muffins Ang muffins ay hindi lamang madaling i-prepare kundi napakasarap ding kainin kapag nilagay sa microwave for a few seconds and dotted with a bit of butter. Ang maganda pa sa healthy snack na ito, marami pa syang variety tulad ng banana, blueberry, and zucchini, perfect in providing the proper child nourishment.

To make these snack ideas even more nutritious for your kids, don't forget to serve them with a glass of Lactum 3+ or 6+! Lactum is your katuwang in helping provide 100% nourishment* for your kids. It also has the essential nutrients found in the food groups in the food pyramid. Lactum is also a high source of Appetite Support Nutrients** tulad ng Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, Thiamin, and Vitamin B12 to help make your child a 100% nourished kid!

*With three balanced meals a day
**High source of Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, Thiamin and Vitamin B12 for children with poor appetite caused by deficiency of these nutrients.