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Tips on Proper Child Nourishment for Busy Kids

Ang busy kids ay tinatawag na young achievers sa dami ng kanilang activities whether they're in school or not. When you're always accompanying your kids from one of their activities to another, paano na ang nutrition ng inyong anak? Mommies, Lactum 3+/6+ knows and understands your concern as parents. Here are some tips that you can follow to help ensure that your busy kids are properly nourished:

Tip #1: Remove processed food and fast food from your family menu When juggling work with your kid's school and after school activities, it's easy for healthy eating to take a back seat. For many moms, buying fast food on the run or serving processed food that you simply heat up for the family is a convenient thing to do. But these types of food will not help you in providing the proper nourishment for your kids. It lacks the vitamins and minerals your kids need to be healthy.

Tip #2: Plan Ahead Ang schedule ng mga busy kids ay usually packed with activities. Para magkaroon ka ng enough time to prepare a healthy meal, make sure to check your calendar before you go to the supermarket to determine kung aling mga araw ang magiging pressed for time ka so you can plan your family meals accordingly.

Tip #3: Consider Frozen Veggies to Save Time As you know, vegetables are a rich source of vitamins so no matter how busy your family's schedule gets, make sure to include veggies in meal times. Frozen vegetables can be a mom's best friend. Pwedeng i-steam ang frozen veggies while you're cooking your main dish then lightly salt and pepper them to taste at the end. Try green beans, corn and carrots.

Tip #4: Provide Your Kid a Healthy Snack Minsan sa sobrang busy ng iyong anak sa kanyang mga activities, wala na syang masyadong panahon to sit down and eat a full healthy meal. A great solution to this is to make sure that your kid has a nourishing snack to eat katulad ng yogurt or fresh fruits. This will help to keep your kid's energy up the healthy way.

Tip #5: Do Some Prep Work When you're busy during school days, it will help to do some prep work for the coming week's meal during the weekend. For example, if you're thinking of serving spaghetti meat sauce on Wednesday, you can brown all the ground meat you need for the meal on Sunday. This will help save you some minutes on your preparation time sa mismong day that you'll be serving the meal you had in mind. You can also prepare the whole dish already ahead of time and ilagay muna sya sa freezer and just heat it up later on in the week.

Don't forget to give your busy kids a glass of Lactum 3+ or 6+. As your true katuwang, Lactum helps provide 100% nourishment* for your kids. It has the essential nutrients found in the food groups from the food pyramid. Lactum also has high source of Appetite Support Nutrients like Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Thiamin for children with poor appetite caused by the deficiency of these nutrients. *with three balanced meals a day

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